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I found out that i don’t have any blocks in my veins

my heart attack was from my heart had to work too hard as i had a hole 3.2mm & 2.7mm [bothering all chambers] and that made the valves weak and the veins goof up. i do have a ?? i was told i don’t need to change my eatting habbits as i do eat preaty healthy and my good cholesteral is high and my bad is low. but is there is a web site or a place someone can find out some diets or food groups i can atleast look at as now with having the surgery. i am scared of having farther heart problems as it does run in the family. i know that my surgery was from birth defects and now that it had to work so hard it is now like a 85yr old’s heart [that is what the cardiologist said] and i will only be 40 on Oct 3′rd.

I went to urgent care today before i saw my counselour

i got put on a stronger pain reliever than my Nurse partitioner can prescribe, and also a super strong antibiotic oral pill 4X/day and the stronger antiseptic cream. the Dr also said to keep using the other antibiotic pills adn ointment that the NP ordered. the dr also prescribed a stronger pain pill it is almost like a morphine pill and also perscribed Tylenol #3 with 65mg of codeine. and the ones that are like morphine are spose to have a sedative in it to help me get some rest. anyway my apt with my counselour went pretty good i have a hard time taking to anyone right now as i am glad that the Lord got me though this and i feel guilty of allowing myself to sit around but one thing i need to remember she said that makes sence but is so HARD to do is if it were someone else that have just come though major surgery how would i treat them. i would be giving the4 person [beep] if they were doing things like i am doing and also give the person heck for not babying themselves and i have a friend i do give heck to for not allowing themselves to be kind to them selves. Such as i have a friend that had nerve problems and i told her in Dec. she had a emotional shut down i told her to baby herself for 6 weeks. and i cannot seem to do it or for myself. anyway can i ask for prayer from friends for myself to be able to treat myself like i would a wounded puppy. it is bad that i can treat a stray animal better than i treat myself!!! anyway i am going to have a nap later i am exhausted and even emotionally tired along with physically tired.

i did get to friendship house and

also saw talked to the NP and she knows what it looks like as i had my worker, whom was in today to tell her about the infection in the insecion and i cannot get into see her till Mon. so she did perscribe some antibiotice cream and oral stuff. so atleast i can start on it. and she thinks as [or in the 24 hr period] after starting the meds the pain should ease up.
anyway i am liing down for awhile as still waiting for the meds to come

Hi i am feeling lousy it is about 2:45am

and i have been awake since 1:30am. i feel nauseous tonight i don’t know why i know i have a little bit of infection in the incision and haven’t yet gone on any antibiotics but am using topical antibiotic [prescription one have standing order for from dermatologist] i know i should go to my NP and get something else. i did go get Whimpy from my friend she is sound of sleep, actually she is snoring here on the floor. she doesn’t like the bed she jumped up on it and almost fell off so got onto her blanket on the floor.. i have woke up yesterday at 4:30am till about 12 midnight, then slept for about 1hr and woke up again.
my back is really sore along with the chest. i think it is why i feel nausious i am using my Tylenol from canadian pharmacy and the other ‘lovely’ side effect from MS and pain pills is acting up. i have to take meds to get relief from it which i haven’t for 2 days. anyway i also have a headache right at the base of my skull around were it is. i did get to the bank today and now have a little bit of $ on me, i never got the bills paid as i didn’t have the updated ones so decided to wait.
anyway i think i have another carbuncle coming on my chin.i hope it is only a small one as i want to go to church on Sun. and want to go to Friendship house this afternoon. i think i feel so rotten cause i know i over did it and now i am over tired and my back is spasming and i cannot get any rest due to it. anyway i am sorry to whine about it i know if i could support my rib cage when i am sitting i would feel better instead of sitting rounded over. anyway i am really sorry to grumble. i have no fever so know the infection will go away.
Whimpy was a little lost when i went in to have my bath tonight as she was looking around the house for things, she only knows, but i am only trying and if it is too hard to let her out and/or if she gets hyper [some say she is all the time] but more than normal then i can take her back to Hazel’s. i just got thinking a weather change must be coming cause this feels like a migraine. anyway everyone go back to sleep. i took the meds about 1hr ago and still cannot take the advile migraine, that would get rid of my headache fast but don’t have permission yet as advile does promote bleeding and i am on blood thinner anyway i am sorry to grumble i did talk to a friend from the church today also i know there is people around and DON’T need to go out i just want to. anyway i better try to sleep again as i did take a gravol [no name ones] and it is starting to work at least it calmed down the spasms in the diaphragm area.

Good luck in using your ring

To start with I found the procedure of getting both balls and my cock through the metal ring a bit tricky. However, as it was stated in previous mailing it takes a bit of practice to start with. I found that the procedure was made much easier by lying on my back on top of my bed, placing 1 ball through the ring and then gently easing the other ball through ensuring that enough of the ball sack was also already through the ring. Finally, ease your cock through the ring as well, then push the ring firmly against the pubic bone and make sure that the ring is comfortable behind your ball sack.
Previous to the metal ring I used a leather cock ring that was fitted with stud fastenings and also had a rubber ring attached that held the cock in place. I found this device to be less comfortable.

Thats great news

My guess is that you came quicker then you wanted to because your fully erect penis is more sensitive then a 3/4 erect penis. I know that when I’m semi erect I’m not as stimulated. I need all the blood that a full erection takes to press against all those nerve endings. You will get used to the feeling and you will last longer and longer.

I took your advice and measured behind balls

and over top of my penis to see if the metal ring that I have would still fit when taking viagra. I was quite anxious but decided to try fitting the ring shortly after taking my regular dose of approx 33mg 3rd of a 100mg tablet.
The result was fantastic to say the least!
My penis started to swell shortly after fitting the ring without any stimulation, my penis got harder and harder giving me the hardest erection that I have ever experienced in my life. Talk about “Solid as a rock” well that was my dick! The ring added immense pleasure by putting pleasant pressure behing my balls.
The erection and added stimulation from the cock ring was awesome.
My only complaint was that orgasm came too quickly, coming much quicker than usual, I suppose that I will get used to my penis being so hard as I continue to use the ring plus cialis.
Thanks once again for advice and support.

As I stated in previous post

I have been reluctant to use my metal cock ring since being prescribed viagra. I do think that my penis is larger since starting on the viagra, not so much in length but in circumference I have noted a definite difference in the thickness. I have wanted to try using the ring as well as the viagra but have been fearful that I might find it to be too tight and uncomfortable. Thanks for the tips, I will measure as suggested and see what if any difference there is.
I suppose that over the past 2 years I have gotten so use to my penis being limp or only partially erect it’s possible that the ring will help to hold an erection with the help of the viagra. The past 2 years have been a nightmare to say the least.
My confidence in the bedroom got to an all time low earlier this year, failure after failure was beginning to lead me towards depression. Things have improved since being started on the viagra but I know that things could still possibly get better. I will try out the ring and keep you posted.
Thanks to all you guys out there. This support blog has boosted my confidence already and I have only been a member for a short time.

Distilled water was prescribed to me, in my early 30s

by an outstanding member of the Hygienic school of natural healing. When I was able to remain on his program and diet, I experienced a level of good health I didn’t believe possible.
I was losing hair, but on a diet that included plenty of distilled water, I “grew hair,” it became thicker and lustrous, and darker. I was weak and felt sick every day, but on a diet that included much distilled water, my health became incredible. I was able to work non-stop for 12 hours straight and was completely tireless at the end of that 12 hours, my digestion became perfect, I slept like a baby, my skin was smooth as silk, my vision was perfect. My migraines disappeared, my blood pressure was 105/70. My mood was joyful.
I have been drinking distilled water for three decades now, and it has never caused me a problem.
Don’t fall for every notion you hear from each of the dozens of health experts touting their notions on the internet. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re full of crap.

Well, that’s one heads-up for me!

I drink tons of water, at least 8 glasses a day, usually much more depending. I do drink coffee in the morning and late afternoon, but I’m careful not to dehydrate myself from it.

Water has many benefits. Not only does it keep you from over eating because it fills you up, but it gives you energy. I notice a huge difference in my energy level if I’m not drinking my normal daily water intake. A few months ago I stopped drinking as much water and I noticed an incredible difference in my skin. My skin became dry and I began to notice a little wrinkle or two. That alone was enough to get me back on my water again. LOL! It’s important to drink water when you aren’t thirsty, because once you have become thirsty, you are already at the beginings of dehydration which can put your body at harm in many ways.

Anyway, what has anyone heard about distilled water? I just learned recently from an article I read, that distilled water is very bad for you. Soda’s are made with distilled water. I read that it picks up on toxins in the air.

I have a family history of heart disease

- strokes, hypertension, heart attacks, and most of them were heavy coffee drinkers, but there is no way I’m giving up my coffee! I refuse to give up my chocolate too. A woman in particular needs her chocolate! LOL!

Also, as I analyze this, all of my relatives that had passed away from heart disease were all out of shape and didn’t believe in regular excersise, generic finasteride 5mg a few times a week, good eating habbits and so on.

One week they find the benefits in coffee and chocolate, the next week they find something bad. The latest about chocolate is that it has lead in it. I guess you can find good and bad in just about anything, even vegitables. Usually if they are doing a study to try to find something either beneficial or negative, they usually find something.

Tonic water- quinine

Arrhythmia problems
Quinine Bark/Powder – Cinchona, or “Quinine Bark” is one of the rainforest’s most famous plants and most important discoveries. Throughout the 1600′s to mid 1800′s, Quinine Bark was the most used treatment for malaria, evidencing remarkable results, as well as being used for fever, indigestion, mouth and throat diseases and cancer. Nearly half of the cinchona harvest is directed to the food industry for the production of quinine water, tonic water and as a bitter additive. Despite pharmaceutical drugs replacing the use of natural Quinine bark for malaria, the use of the natural bark is still employed in herbal medicine around the world. In the U.S., natural cinchona bark is used for a tonic, digestive aid, reducing heart palpitations and normalizing heart functions, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, headaches, leg cramps, colds and flu, to stimulate digestion and appetite, dyspepsia and for its astringent bactericidal and anesthetic effects in various other conditions. With wide-spread and evolving pathogens, bacteria and viruses developing resistance to our standard antibiotics, antiviral and antimalarial drugs, the use of the natural medicine found in Cinchona bark is being revisited by World Health organizations.

Tums does have Calcium

a marketing tool but here is the other part.For this experiment we should have included the ingredients of the antacids to compare the effectiveness of the antacid with their active ingredients. For example, Tums contains the active ingredient sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate by itself seems to have a greater effect than the sodium bicarbonate in Tums. What is the reason for this? Could it be that the other ingredients in Tums affect its effectiveness as an antacid? These questions should be followed up in another experiment. This experiment involved just a small sample of the many antacids on the market today. There are many other active

Isn’t some degree of impotence normal as men get older?

Is there some normal degree of slowing down in our sexual abilities as we get into our late 40s and 50s? Actually, I think the slow down starts to a limited degree much earlier, but I didn’t really notice it until my late 40s. Also is it normal for women in their 50s to have a higher sex drive than men the same age?

I’m 48 years old, and I started having ED problems when I was about 35

I believe it started because I went to Wills eye hospital for a surgery on one of my eyes, and the nurse over dosed me on a steroid called prednisone, that’s not how its spelled, but I stink at spelling. Anyway, Being that it was a new drug at that time, they didn’t know what it could do if you got too much, and flushed it in way too fast. I was suppose to get the whole I.V in an hour, but the nurse was in a hurry to go on some break or something, and she turned it up so that I got it all in 12 minutes. This was at about 11pm, so even though my heart was racing, I somehow fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with every part of my body feeling like I got run over! I even had a super hard erection that was hurting, and my room mate was bitching because I was groaning too much, so I went out and laid in the TV room on the sofa. Somehow I fell asleep again, the next time I woke up, the same nurse was un hooking the I.pillsfromcanada
Sildenafil citrate from canadian pharmacy and w\o rx again! This time she ran it in just as fast, but she even did it 30 minutes early. I was in so much pain that they called the doctor in, and I think they gave me something to help. Anyway, by the next day, my penis was still really sore, and I noticed that it wasn’t hard when I woke up for the first time! Once I was out of there, I talked to a doctor, and an attorney, but they said I couldn’t prove anything. Now for the first year, I had one hell of a time getting it hard, and if I did, it would die in a few minutes. I went to see some specialists, and at that time, all they ever said was that it was all in my head. “Bull Shit!” It wasn’t till I saw my doctor about 2 years ago that he told me that I have venous leakage that was most likely caused by what I went through. I’ve been married since I was 29, and my wife has been real good about it, and now that I’ve got Trimix, she’s getting to the point where she doesn’t want it any more! Shit, I missed the best years for sex!
Oh by the way, do to the over dose, it caused more problems with my eyes, and I’m now totally blind, and have been for about 12 years. Well, I’m sorry for running on so much, so I’ll cut it off here.

Post prostatectomy ED treatment

Hi I am new to this blog and forum in one. Anyone know of a curative treatment? For me oral meds don’t work well enough to bother. Although injections worked well at first, but recently provide adequate erections less and less often. It gets very frustrating.

I posted this on another blog

and it looks like some interest here as well so here goes.I don’t post often anymore but I want to tell you about a very inexpensive sub for testosterone gels etc. As you all know they are expensive. Well, I found out through my urologist and my local pharmacy that there are several formulations for a generic cream. It is compounded and my pharmacist says the formula they use came from PCCA Prescription Compounding something I can’t remember the rest, to their member drug stores. It works as well or better than Androgel for me. I got the same blood levels with the same dosage.

They pack it in 5 cc syringes with a concentration of 5, 10, or 15 mg/dl. I was using 10 mg/dl androgel the generic gives me the same blood levels at the same concentration. This should be good news especially for you who don’t have insurance. I have medicare and my copay is $6.46. It costs about 46.00 without insurance.

Also some of you who have problems with Androgel’s irritation from the alcohol, there is none in this formula just a high quality hand cream.
and you only apply 1 cc. whatever the dosage. It is much more convenient, you don’t have to wait for that alcohol to dry. All that is necessary is just to rub the small amount of cream in.It’s 1cc.

If you want their name and address I will give it to anyone who wants it. They also take refills over the net for Leader Pharmacies. If you want to do mail order they told me they will with a prescription. Just needs to say “compounded testosterone cream” and 5,10,15 Mg/cc. Usually the same you are using in Androgel and generic tadalafil 20 mg. Should do blood levels in 30 days. If you Can’t Find a local pharmacy who belongs to PCCA then email me and I will give you mail order or email address information. Please note the web address above is for the Leader pharmacy association which my drug store belongs to it can lead you to a neighborhood pharmacy but it may or may not belong to PCCA so you will have to ask about that. However there are several formulas that different drug groups have formulated so you should be able to find it at a local pharmacy. Obviously the big Pharmacy companies don’t want you to know this since theirs goes for hundreds of dollars per month.

I participated in the clinical trials for Testoderm and the Testosterone Buccal tablet and have used Androgel. This generic gets as good blood levels as any of them and isn’t wet like Androgel doesn’t feel sticky like Testoderm and the Buccal tablet is a pain to keep in your mouth. One CC of cream I put half on each thigh on the inside which protects your wife and any children from exposure.

Called you guys pansys not wimps

will the guys that took exception to that post make a comment? it could be fun. the wimps will comment for sure.its been mentioned quite often since his i quess his choise of a- word= is more importent to some than serious helpful posts.chew on this- guys-


Does it really matter what he called anybody other than the fact the words were derogatory and as some now are writing back, the backaches associated the taking of sildenafil citrate 50mg or 100mg are not minor. I’ve pulled my back, wrenched it playing football and took some mean hits in the back and none of the aches equalled that of ” THE CIALAS BACKACHE ”

And as far as I am concerned Richard, you add nothing to the informative dychotomy of this group nor does your sarcastic counter-part ” SID ” The Wanna Be Hawaiin Stud “

The difference between Rx drugs in Mexico and the US must be related to lawsuits!

Could that be also the case in Canada?

With respect to Rx drugs what is a “knock off”?

Is it an illegal imitator? Or is it a legal imitator with the formula changed slightly?

All of you may have seen a product with several patent numbers. This is because as the patent owner makes improvements it applies for new patents base on these changes. So the new item may be worse than the generic made after the original patent expired. Patents last 17 years?

The need for Rx drugs is highly controversial. Some studies suggest that taking several drugs is very dangerous. Not very many years ago few of these existed yet the death rate was in some cases lower.

It is hard to believe that any Dr. has studied the effects of the interaction of the Rx drugs when that Dr. has prescribed several of these for one elderly person; How much time does that Dr. spend carefully evaluating those people–All the complaints I hear are that people say that the Dr. does not listen very much

Any person faced with high cost drugs should be seen by a specialist in that field for a second opinion.

Limits should be placed on lawsuits. Unfortunately most of the common sense stuff will be ignored due to the Giant profits in Rx drugs.

Please read the threadbefore you judge anyone

as being rude standing your ground and replying to an ever increasing tone of superiority advocating the use of every pill for an endless variety of ills requires rebuttal I did so in a gentleman like manner I explained often that special circumstances does require many prescription type drugs I agreed with her that National Healthcare should be a priority in this country (usa) but first Reforms are necessary (sorry but thats my opinion) It is also my opinion that Doctors are Over Prescribing drugs that many are Feel good drugs and national healthcare whether Medicaid Medicare or a new program should not pay for them (also my opinion) It is also my opinion that every time a new drug is discovered they find a new illness to market it toReform is necessary.

One of the first statements:
There are special situations and Tina I believe you are in that category some people must have drugs for a manifested disease The question was how to avoid heart Disease we expanded a little on that which has led us to here.

If this is rude I apologize otherwise if you “Extend an Olive Branch I will do all I can to helpIf you extend a Snake I will chop its head off as fast as I can.

I do not wish to impose my opinion on anyone nor do I offer any medical or non medical curesI do not attempt to stifle opinion but I will reply to what you sayif its contrary to logic I will say so by the same token I expect you to do the same thats how we learn Bill

Time for defining a list purpose?

I’ve not followed the BMJ thread in detail so forgive me if I fall in the soup here.

This group has grown quite a bit since I first joined around Oct. last year and, as there was a blow-up recently as well, maybe the time has come for the list owners/moderators to spell out what the purpose of this list is. Is it:

- a support and discussion group for everyone with cardiovascular issues OR
- a discussion/chat/support group for people who are mostly into nontraditional and/or natural methods of coping with heart issues

If the first, then the solution is easy: a support group may differ of opinion, but doesn’t judge its fellow members and members are not rude to each other – thats not conducive to a supportive atmosphere nor to an atmosphere where one can discuss things like grown-up people and learn new things
If the second – then Tina (and possibly I) obviously don’t belong. But then the purpose of the group should be made clear to prospective members so that they don’t join thinking this is a general support group (as I did).

Although, like Tina, I’m more conservative about these things, I do find the alternative views interesting but I don’t feel comfortable with members judging each other or being plain rude. This happened a week or two ago as well and the result was that the group grew quiet for a long time, which is contraproductive.

What does the group say? (Tina, I’m mailing you personally in case you’ve already signed off.)

Patient reports symptoms of a heart attack to physician

Physician checks, but gets no satisfactory test confirmation. Doc decides to do a $60K CABG just to be on the safe side. AND because patient shows great dislike for being involved in details of his/her case. (Patient relies on doc completely.) After operations, symptoms disappear.
Much later, patient says, “I had a bypass 10 years ago and no more symptoms since then. So don’t tell me that these doctors don’t know what they are doing. They are miracle workers!”

Note: Just as there are ‘silent’ heart attacks with no symptoms, so there are symptoms of heart attack caused by other conditions! I believe that many of these may go away naturally. If so, then we are not talking about a prostitute’s possible “quick 60″, but rather a doctor’s “quick 60K”! Since the patient is less likely than normal to get a heart attack thereafter, the doctor gets the credit. A sweet deal!

Not YOUR doctor, of course. He’s too nice.